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50 Years Since the Sexual Offences Act 1967 (Hannah Telling, 24 February 2017)

The 1755 Lisbon Earthquake and Its Cultural Aftershocks (Ryan Nichols, 17 July 2017)


Across the Iron Curtain: The Repatriation of Soviet Citizens After WWII (Seth Bernstein, 20 March 2018)

The Aesthetics of 3D Cinema (Nick Jones, 27 March 2018)

The Alps as Transnational Space / Les Alpes comme un endroit transnational (Jordan Girardin, 5 June 2017)

Atrial Fibrillation: The Silent Killer (Fiona Malone, 6 March 2018)


The Biology of Pain (Domhnall Iain MacDonald, 3 July 2017)

Bridging the Divide: Ending Poverty on a Finite Planet (Jason Hickel, 14 August 2017)

Bringing Proust’s Imaginary Music to Life (Jennifer Rushworth, 22 May 2017)


The Cultural Politics of Chocolate (Kristy Leissle, 10 July 2017)


Democracy Without Politicians? Citizen-Centred Democratic Solutions in Northern Ireland (Jamie Pow, 30 January 2017)

Discourses of Marriage and Sexuality among Gay and Bisexual Men in Contemporary China (Philip Freestone, 22 February 2017)


The Economics of Skyscrapers: Past, Present and Future (Jason Barr, 7 August 2017)

The Ethics of Consensual Nonmonogamy (Nick Harding, 20 March 2017)

The Ethics of High-Tech Sexual Orientation Conversion Therapy (Brian Earp, 10 April 2017)


Freedom of Conscience in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Canada 150 Miniseries) (Brian Bird, 20 July 2017)

Fighting the War on Cancer (Ross Keller, 15 May 2017)

The Future of Solar Cells (Jon Major, 17 April 2017)


God Without Religion (Tim Grayson, 26 June 2017)


Haiti and the Complexities of Giving (Robbie Smith, 23 December 2016)

Hierarchy, Status and Order in Classical Confucian Political Thought (Loubna El Amine, 19 June 2017)

The History of Humanitarianism in Canada (Canada 150 Miniseries) (Laura Madokoro, 6 July 2017)

Hospitality, Immigration and the Dilemma of Frontiers (Benjamin Boudou, 3 April 2017)

Housing and Happiness (Chris Foye, 29 May 2017)

How to Dialogue in 2017 (John McKeane, 11 December 2016)


The Idea of Genocide as an International Crime (Suwita Hani Randhawa, 1 May 2017)

Imagined Homelands: Australian Poetry in the 19th Century (Jason Rudy, 20 February 2018)

Indigenous Peoples, the State and Citizenship (Benjamin Studebaker, 6 February 2017)




Languages of Everywhere and Nowhere: Persian as Premodern Lingua Franca (Arthur Dudney, 24 July 2017)

LGBT Older Adults and Ageing in the United States (Tim R. Johnston, 26 February 2018)

Literature and the Legacies of Empire in Post-Imperial Britain (Matthew Whittle, 6 March 2017)


Male Homosexuality in Contemporary Vietnamese Literature (Joshua Black, 27 March 2017)

Masculinities and Sexuality in Contemporary Urban Japan (Marcello Francioni, 28 February 2018)

Métis Identity and the Politics of Canadian Confederation (Canada 150 Miniseries) (Jennifer Hayter, 13 July 2017)

The Mysteries of the Body Clock (Aarti Jagannath, 12 June 2017)




Paradise Revisited: Ecocriticism and the Eden Narrative (Robin Hamon, 13 March 2018)

The Persecution of Christians in the Ancient World: From the Ground Up (50th Episode) (James Corke-Webster, 30 January 2019)

The Politics of LGBT Inclusion in Public Collections (Kyle Lee-Crossett, 26 February 2017)

Pork, Prohibitions and Power: A Short Cultural History of the Pig in the Ancient Near East (Max Price, 8 May 2017)

The Power of Meditation (Daniel Kharlas, 13 March 2017)

Privacy on the Modern Web (Chris Kanich, 31 July 2017)

The Problems of Bisexuality (Michael Amherst, 13 February 2017)


Québec Pride (Loic Bourdeau, 27 July 2017)


Russia’s Queer History (Nick Mayhew, 22 February 2018)


Sex and Violence in the Art of the American AIDS Crisis (Theo Gordon, 24 February 2018)

Sexual Liberation with Political Liberation? Race, Sexuality, Nationality and Democracy in Contemporary Brazil (Bryan Pitts, 28 February 2017)

Shakespeare’s Bodies of Law (Special Episode) (Alexander Thom, 22 April 2017)

Snake Bites as a Global Health Priority (Robert Williams, 24 January 2017)

The Super-Rich of Russia (Elisabeth Schimpfössl, 21 August 2017)


Truth and the Politics of Resistance (Chris Henry, 24 April 2017)