Editor’s Picks

Not sure where to start listening? Here are some of the highlights of the series so far, in order of original broadcast:

23 December 2016: Robbie Smith: Haiti and the Complexities of Giving

6 February 2017: Benjamin Studebaker: Indigenous Peoples, the State and Citizenship

24 February 2017: Hannah Telling: 50 Years Since the Sexual Offences Act 1967

10 April 2017: Brian Earp: The Ethics of High-Tech Sexual Orientation Conversion Therapy

17 April 2017: Jon Major: The Future of Solar Cells

22 April 2017: Alexander Thom: Shakespeare’s Bodies of Law (Special Episode)

8 May 2017: Max Price: Pork, Prohibitions and Power: A Short Cultural History of the Pig in the Ancient Near East 

5 June 2017: Jordan Girardin: The Alps as Transnational Space (25th Episode) / Les Alpes comme un endroit transnational (25ème épisode)

19 June 2017: Loubna El Amine: Hierarchy, Status and Order in Classical Confucian Political Thought

10 July 2017: Kristy Leissle: The Cultural Politics of Chocolate

24 July 2017: Arthur Dudney: Languages of Everywhere and Nowhere: Persian as Premodern Lingua Franca

14 August 2017: Jason Hickel: Bridging the Divide: Ending Poverty on a Finite Planet

21 August 2017: Elisabeth Schimpfössl: The Super-Rich of Russia

6 March 2018: Fiona Malone: Atrial Fibrillation: The Silent Killer

30 January 2019: James Corke-Webster: The Persecution of Christians in the Ancient World: From the Ground Up (50th Episode)